Standard Terms & Conditions Policies

All booking fees are non refundable & cancellations need 14 days notice. If 14 days’ notice is not given then you will still be required to pay the remaining balance of your training. If you do not have 14 days from booking until your training date, you must cancel within 24hrs of booking.


Deposits are required to book a date & the final balance on the day of the course.

Please note we reserve the right to amend course prices or run promotions at any time, without prior notice. Once a booking is made, the price paid is final and no price difference can be refunded in the event of a later course price reduction.


All course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

In line with new legislation, consumers may wish to visit the following website in the event of any dispute European Online Dispute Resolution.

Fakealicious Training Academy is unable to offer refunds for cancellations outside of our control, i.e. adverse weather conditions, terrorist attacks, flooding, industrial action or Visa refusals. An alternative training date will be offered. The Academy is not responsible for any loss of income, accommodation/travelling costs students may incur due to the cancellation of courses.

Rescheduling Requests & Fees

In the event of a genuine reason for cancellation (proof of which may be required); of a confirmed training date notified prior to the booked training date, a request for a transfer will be considered at the discretion of Fakealicious Training Academy (subject to availability). Non-attendance where no prior notice is given will be handled at the discretion of Fakealicious Training Academy and may result in loss of course fees.

Should you be unable to attend a confirmed training date for medical reasons, a valid medical certificate covering the named student and day of the booked training will be required to waiver the fee to reschedule. Under medical or compassionate circumstances (proof of which may be required) and where immediate reschedule might not be possible; a credit for all or part of the course fee may be placed on file as a gesture of goodwill. Credits will be valid towards training courses only and run for a period of up to 6 months from the date of issue at which time the course fees would be forfeited. No refund of course fees can be issued.

Last Minute Offer Bookings

Courses booked as part of Last Minute Offers either online or by telephone, are by their definition intended to be attended on the specific course date/course/venue booked. In the event of a genuine reason for non-attendance of any Last Minute Offer course, (at the discretion of Fakealicious Training Academy) we may agree to allow the course

fees paid to be placed on file as a credit towards a further training course, however this credit would be minus a £50 rescheduling fee per training day booked regardless of the reason for non-attendance e.g. a cancelled last minute offer course booked at £150 would result in a £100 credit being placed on file. Credits will be valid towards training courses only and run for a period of up to 6 months from the date of issue at which time the course fees would be forfeited. No refund of course fees can be issued.

Named Student

Booked training is non-transferable to an alternative student. Please ensure the booking is made giving the correct name of the person attending the course at the time of making payment. Amendments to this will be chargeable at £50 per course date/person, where possible for a change to be accommodated and a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to the course date is required, in writing.

In the event that the Fakealicious Training Academy should have to cancel your course for reasons outside of our control; The Beauty Academy will endeavour to give students at least 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation by telephone and/or email. Fakealicious Training Academy is not responsible for any accommodation/travelling costs students may incur due to the cancellation of courses.


All practical training must be completed within 6 months of booking your course, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking. Should you fail to attend your original training dates for any reason and the course later be retired or amended in content, no refund or difference in course fees will be offered. You may however, look to use the course fees on file as a credit towards payment for an alternative course of your choosing within 6 months of the original date of booking. Students who fail to book, attend or reschedule training within 6 months of enrolling upon their course (taken from date of making first payment) will forfeit any course fees paid. We cannot offer any refunds, credits or substitute training in such circumstances.

Course Times

Please arrive at the training centre on time usually for a 10.00am start (details of course times are set out in your confirmation email). Courses finish at approximately 3.00pm.

Please therefore ensure you allow sufficient time for travelling. Make use of Google maps on smart phone or print map/directions, all directions are written in your confirmation email, please call if you are lost.

All students must attend the full training day until 3pm, unless agreed otherwise. Should you choose or need to leave a course before the approximate end time of 3pm, you will forfeit any course fees and may not achieve your diploma.

Confirmation of Bookings

Once you have booked a training course you will receive an email within 7 days to confirm the booking (for bookings made within office hours. Outside of these hours; confirmation will be sent on the next working day).

No reimbursement will be made for travel/accommodation/childcare costs for cancelled/unavailable courses booked at last minute online. Where booking online less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled course date, please call us at 9.00am on the day of the training to confirm your booking has been received and chosen training is available.

Should a receipt for payment be required, please request this on the day of training so one can be written out.

Diploma Certificate

Diploma certificates are issued on the day of the course (accept for courses which need case studies such as micropigmentation & microblading). If you require your certificate to be reissued in a new name, we would require evidence for the reason for change of name or a replacement certificate because you have lost it, there will be a standard replacement certificate fee of £10.

All Diploma courses are accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT), these are fully insurable courses and can be used for needles licences for micropigmentation, micrblading, ear piercing, dermaroller or mesotherapy courses. We still advise learners to check with their insurance companies or councils if for a needles licence whether they need anything else. We will not be held responsible if any changes are made and you cannot gain insurances/licences due to a change in law.

Online Courses

Students who book online beauty courses will receive a confirmation email within 7 days of booking which will include training manual & they will also receive kit within 7 days if the course comes with a kit. The learner has 6 months to complete the course.

Online courses require case studies at home (for which you will need to work on friends/family and have access to basic products at home). Once you have completed all case studies, you will be issued with the diploma.

During your training

During your training you will be required to give and receive treatments (depending on the course, details of which will be in your confirmation email).

Exceptions to this are Acrylic and UV Gel Nail Extension Courses & gel polish where you will be working on a Nail Trainer Hand; Hair Courses you will be working on a Mannequin Head.

Please note courses may be mixed sex groups. Male students are required to provide a female model for waxing courses. If you have personal or religious reasons where you require training in a same sex environment only, please discuss this with our Course Advisors before booking.

Photography / recording of training (both audio or video) accepted while in attendance of the training centre as long as the trainer knows. There may be videos, pictures or recordings made of students & models during training for social media, if you would not like to appear on our social media please let Jodie know when you arrive. Training manuals are provided at the time of booking attached to your confirmation email and Jodie is available to assist with any queries after training.

All courses are taught only in English. All students are therefore required to have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken. This is essential so that the tutor is able to assess a student’s competence of all required aspects to achieve Fakealicious Training Academy Diploma. Students must advise of any language issues at the time of booking as we may recommend one to one training as a more suitable training option (for which additional cost applies, see below). If you require any special assistance or have any religious needs please let us know at the time of booking.

Should a student be unable to demonstrate the required level of English to participate fully within the course, they may be refused the diploma and would unfortunately forfeit any course fees paid. Therefore it is important to discuss this prior to booking if you feel this may be an issue affecting your learning and course participation.

Medical Conditions

Please make us aware of any health conditions and/or medications currently taken that may affect your practical training or assessment days.

All students are required to disclose any medical conditions at the time of booking, which will be dealt in the strictest of confidence. Some conditions may impede ability to participate fully within a course. An important part of training is to deliver and (occasionally) receive treatments.

Adjustments will be made to accommodate medical conditions where possible and practical. A medical certificate may be required in line with our insurance obligations. Where students are unable to receive treatments for medical reasons, a female model may be requested to be provided by the student for each training day.

Failure to disclose known medical conditions at the time of booking or to provide a female model where requested, which later prevent participation in a particular course may result in forfeit of course fees.

Special Training Needs/Requirements

It is very important you make us aware of any special needs you may have in order to make your practical training or assessment days run smoothly. Where possible we seek to include students with special requirements within our main course delivery. However for some students this may not be possible. Many students with special training needs prefer and gain the most benefit from tailored training on a one to one basis. Feasibility depends upon the course you are wishing to study; however where possible adjustments or special arrangements will be considered. Please note an additional cost will apply for training on a one to one basis. There is 4 students to a course (maximum of 6 occasionally for gel polish) and 2 students for micropigmentation/microblading.

Waxing courses

In consideration of other students participating in the course, you must be prepared to give AND RECEIVE the waxing treatment. It is always asked that you bring in a model for waxing as this is a course which is hard to find models & sometimes you may need to have waxing done yourself.

Manicure & pedicure, gel polish & nail extensions

Manicure & pedicure you will be asked to bring in a model or work on each other, if working on each other please remove any artificial nails. Gel polish, nail extensions or dip acrylic overlays will be practiced on a training hand. On these courses you will use products from your kit.

Defined brows, lashes & lash lift

Prior to training for this course your model is required to have a patch test for the lash lift &/or tinting products at least 24 hours before your course commences. This can be posted out to them.

On these courses you will use products from your kit.

Please ensure that eyelash extensions have been removed prior to any training involving eyelash tinting or lash lift. If false lashes or lash extensions are to be learnt as part of your course, please note these would be completed on a mannequin training head therefore no patch test with the glue will be required beforehand. Those who have undergone facial cosmetic procedures to include surgery, dermal fillers of any kind or semi-permanent make-up / facial tattooing or micro-blading within the last 12 weeks may be unable to participate within these courses. Failure to disclose these treatments prior to booking your course may result in loss of course fees.

Facials & Microdermabrasion

You will be required to remove your make-up as part of giving/receiving treatments on these training courses. You must ensure you are able to receive treatments and have notified us of any medical conditions / medications which may prevent you receiving treatments. Those receiving certain treatments for acne (such as roaccutane) or who have undergone cosmetic procedures to include surgery, dermal fillers of any kind or semi-permanent make-up / facial tattooing or micro-blading within the last 6 weeks will be unable to participate within these courses. Failure to disclose these treatments prior to booking your course may result in loss of course fees.

Dermaroller, chemical peel & mesoherapy

You can either have the treatment done yourself (if there are even numbers) otherwise you will need to bring a model for this and let us know if the model has any medical conditions that could contra-indicate the treatment.

Micropigmentation & Microblading

Once booked, you have 12 months to fully complete the qualification including training, and case studies. You would be unable to complete or resume any studies, outside of this period. All course fees are non-refundable.

It is important students keep their knowledge and practical skills up to date by refreshing their knowledge using their training notes and continuing to practice their skills.

Blowdrying, cutting, colouring, hair-up & Hair extensions

All hair courses will be performed on a mannequin head accept for Brazilian blowdry which will be performed on a live model – details will be in your confirmation email.

Products & Kits

All equipment and products are provided for you to train with on the day. However, certain courses you will be using the products in your kit.

All kits are compliant with EU regulations and may be subject to change but will always amount to the same.

With Micropigmentation courses all manual mosaic machines & digital machines come with a 12 month warranty. They are comply with EU regulations but it is the students responsibility to get any electrical items patch tested in line with the Health and Safety Electricity at Work 1974.

Discount Cards

Many of our students gain discount cards with leading beauty wholesalers and cosmetic brands following completion of our training courses using Fakealicious Training Academy diploma along with proof of valid insurance being held; or on presentation of the qualification certificate. However we can accept no responsibility and have no control over individual student eligibility or ability to acquire these discounts. We make no guarantee over eligibility and this is at the discretion of the individual supplier / wholesaler.

Beauty Insurance (Public Liability Insurance)

Following your practical training, you will receive Fakealicious Training Academy diploma which will allow you to apply for beauty insurance to allow you to begin working on members of the public. This will allow you to begin working on a self-employed basis (mobile) and to take payments should you wish. Our courses are covered by a number of insurance providers including Salon Gold, Towergate, Westminster Indemnity, ABT insurance and Balens insurance. You must ensure you register with HMRC regarding any tax/national insurance applicable to any income earned on this basis.

It is advisable but not essential that you have your own insurance before coming on training, especially for micropigmentation & microblading to be able to complete your case studies, ABT offer student insurance.

We recommend Westminster Indemnity for any advanced course insurance such as microneedling/dermaroller, skin peels, mesotherapy, micropigmentation & microblading as they have a flat fee of around £220 to cover all your beauty. Alternatively you may obtain insurance through ABT insurance and receive a 10% discount off your policy when you quote FAKE99 at the time of policy purchase. For normal beauty courses such as nails, lashes, waxing etc Salon Gold is usually cheaper and around £50 for a year.

Please note if you wish to obtain cover with a specific insurer, you must check with the insurer prior to booking your course that they will accept our Diploma. Most insurers will however accept the qualifications including NVQ, VRQ and City & Guilds awards. Insurers work to their own discretion over preferred training providers and this is beyond our control. The may also require you to have pre-requisites before doing certain courses.

If you hold an existing policy, you are responsible to ensure the insurance provider will extend your cover to include the new treatment(s) and for covering any cost to make changes. Fakealicious Training Academy cannot accept responsibility for issues resulting with insurance companies where students fail to check this prior to booking.

Refresher Training

Following training, students should begin practising treatments as soon as possible while the knowledge and skills are freshly learnt. Students are recommended to ensure they put public liability insurance in place before taking on paying clients. Students are advised to refer to the Practical Training notes provided with the Booking Confirmation email following training to refresh your knowledge and assist you with the treatment routines etc. Students are welcome to contact the Jodie with any questions. Should you be unable to practice your skills and/or require additional training at a later stage, please note additional fees apply per training day required. With micropigmentation or microblading if you feel you are still struggling with the treatment and need to come in for further training this can be arranged free of charge.


In the unlikely event your training course with us does not meet your expectations, in the first instance please email [email protected] with the details of your feedback or complaint. This email must be received in writing within 5 days of your training course. We take all feedback and complaints very seriously and will do all we can to rectify the problem. You will receive a response in writing within 5 working days.

Code of Conduct

To ensure all learners are given the best opportunity to learn, we would ask the following code of conduct is adhered to at all times:-

·      All learners are expected to fully participate including giving and receiving treatments. Any exceptions (e.g. medical reasons) to this must be agreed at the time of booking and a female model may be required to be provided by the student in order to participate.

·      Please ensure an enrolment form is signed handed to the tutor. Please make the tutor aware of any medical conditions or learning difficulties which may impact your learning (these should previously have been discussed at the time of booking to ensure suitability for the training). This can be discussed with the tutor upon arrival at the centre, in confidence. This will allow the tutor to best support you throughout the training day and make any adjustments possible to assist you to gain the most from your training.

·      We can accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of personal property; however rare. Therefore we encourage students to leave all unnecessary valuables at home, remain vigilant to their belongings during training and take all property with them when leaving the centre. Any property left behind will be held for 7 days, following which it will be disposed as appropriate. Students are responsible for collection of lost items from site, by appointment. We cannot post or deliver any lost property.

·      Use of mobile phones is prohibited during training, however we know that most students have children in school so keeping it on quiet to insure you don’t miss important calls is fine.

·      No smoking, use of e-cigarettes/vaporisers or chewing of gum within the training centre, smoking is allowed outside.

·      Students must not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time during attendance of the training or assessment day(s). You may be asked to leave the centre where we have reason to suspect such influence, and the police may be contacted if appropriate.

·      The training centres operate a mixed sex basis for training days and you must be prepared to give and receive treatments from students of the opposite sex if necessary. If there are any reasons of belief, faith or religion which prohibit this, please advise before booking. Male students will be required to provide a female model for the waxing courses and assessment days.

·      Be courteous and respectful to tutors and other learners. No use of foul language. Abuse of any kind including racism will not be tolerated.

·      Verbal, physical or written abuse will not be tolerated and will result in a verbal warning in the first instance. Should the conduct continue, you will be asked to leave the training immediately. You will not receive your diploma and will forfeit all course fees paid.

·      Should an issue arise on your training day in relating to other learners on the course or if you are experiencing difficulties with the course, please immediately notify your tutor so action can be taken or advice given to support you as required as it is sometimes difficult to rectify issues later and this will allow you to gain the most from your training day experience. Any issues will be handled in the strictest confidence but will not be permitted as grounds for any refund of course fees or for additional training, where this is not raised on the training day to enable remedy.

·      Learner registration forms are to be completed at every training session and are compulsory where requested.


Fakealicious Training Academy will use all reasonable efforts to deliver advertised courses and other services and facilities in accordance with the descriptions set out on the website & student manuals.

It will provide students with the tuition and learning support and other services and facilities so described with reasonable care and skill.

It will send out all confirmation emails within 7 days (where possible) and attach a copy of the training manual (or the manual will be sent at least 5 days before the day of the course) as well as attaching a copy of this disclaimer.

It will undertake a continuous review of its courses, services and facilities to ensure quality enhancement. Kits may be adapted in line with quality management and products that are available at the time but will always amount to the same cost.

Fakealicious Training Academy reserves the right if it considers it to be necessary:

·      to alter the timetable, location, number of students in the class, content or method of delivery of courses and/or assessment processes, provided such alterations are reasonable

·      to make reasonable variations to the content and syllabus of courses of study (including case studies)

·      to suspend or discontinue courses (for example, because a key member of staff is unwell or has an emergency as no cover can be given)

·      to make changes to its statutes, ordinances, regulations, policies and procedures which they reasonably consider necessary (for example, in the light of changes in the law or the requirements of our accreditors). Such changes if significant will normally come into force with notice and these changes will be passed onto the student where possible, if fundamental to the course

·      to discontinue courses or to combine or merge them with others (for example, because too few students apply to join the course for it to be viable)

·      A student can be asked to leave the premises and not complete their course if they show signs of aggression to a member of staff or other learners.

·      In the case of semi-permanent makeup/microblading courses where case studies are due the students’ course can be terminated if they show signs of aggression or threats towards the tutor or other students and said student will not be allowed to complete their case studies and will have to forfeit the course & will not receive a refund.

·      If the student does not give 14 days’ for cancellation of a course then the remaining balance is still due on the day of the course, in some circumstances (ie an emergency) the student may be able to move their course to a later date without losing their deposit.

·      All deposits are non-refundable

·      If the student has any issues with a course or their kit this should be made discussed on the day of the course and if it cannot get resolved and the student feels they still have a problem this complaint need to be made in writing to Fakealicious Training Academy and it will try their best to deal with the problem immediately where possible.

Changes to Services or Facilities

We will make available to students such learning support and other services and facilities as it considers appropriate but may vary what it provides from time to time (for example, some courses the learners will use products in their kit when practicing).

Financial or Other Losses

Fakealicious Training will not be held liable for any direct or indirect financial or other losses or damage arising from such discontinuations, changes to or mergers of any courses. Upon receiving this disclaimer by email, the relationship between the student and Fakealicious Training Academy becomes contractual & the student agrees to adhere to the above terms & conditions and will do so for all future courses they take with Fakealicious Training Academy. In entering

into that contract, neither the student nor Fakealicious intends that any of the terms of the contract will be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person not a party to it.